Night Vale Fandom (Vale)
Night Vale Fandom
God Tier Mage of Void
Land Light and Blood
Quirk Y< o >u speak in a kinda mysti< c >al voi< c >e that is < c >harming as well but y< o >u really dn't d< o > it < o >n purp< o >us. Y< o >ur w< o >rlds are full < o >f inf< o >, alm< o >st all seeing. < O >ne < c >ould even w< o >nder if y< o >u have eyes everywhere!
Chumhandle welltonedNarrative
Strife Specibus microphonekind
Fetch Modus Secret Police - Light Purple cards that are either 'Legal' (available due to certain events) or 'Illegal' (Unavailable due to certain events). These change a lot, but he knows how to deal with it by 'G<o>ing to the <O>therw<orld", which resets his cards and makes them all available.
Relations City Council (C.C.) - Alpha

South Park- Matesprite
Journy- Moirail
Desert Bluffs- Kismesis


Night Vale Fandomis a character in the Fandomstuck Community on Tumblr. He is one of a few other "Welcome to Night Vale" based fandoms.


Welcome to Night Vale, who simply goes by the name "Vale", is based of the Podcast "Welcome To Night Vale" created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and published by Commonplace Books.

Welcome to Night Vale is a Radio show about a little town in the desert somewhere in the southwest United States. "Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events." -Actual Podcast Description

Vale is based off of the fanon appearances of Cecil Gershwin Palmer, The radio Host and Voice of Night Vale and Carlos the Scientist, sharing personality aspects with them both.


Vale is a 6'1" young male with long blond hair on the right side of his head and short brown hair on the left. He wears black framed glasses, a violet long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, A purple sweater vest and purple pants. (it is implied that they are fur pants but it is never stated weather or not they really are). 

The first homestuck style picture of Vale.

Just like the fanon appearance for Cecil, Vale has tattooed tentacles and eyes on his arms and body that can move and become real at will. He also has a Third eye in the middle of his forehead.

He wears a pair of Purple Headphones around his neck. They are the most forgotten piece of his attire and he is missing them in most art.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vale is a very cool and collected kind of guy. He tends to speak from a darker viewpoint and he does enjoy this darker way of life. He is, however, upset or depressed most of the time. He tries to look at the "bright side" of things the best he can.

Vale is also rather naive to some things and tends to speak his mind. This has gotten him into trouble many times.


Vale's Relations have been very messed up since his creation. He has been in a matesprite/kismesis double reach around with his now kismesis Desert Bluffs. An on and off paleship with Journey and now a Matespriteship with South Park.

Double reach around
In his love/hate relationship with Desert Blufs, Vale was confused on his love/hate for the town/fandom closest to his. During this time, he was crushing for Journey and Alice in Wonderland. Once Strex Corp took over Desert Bluffs and almost beat Vale to death, he made the jump to Kismesis.

While he was dying, Vale dreamed of South Park who saved him. South Park is to Night Vale as Carlos is to Cecil in the canon. His crushing for Alice went away completely but he still had trouble with his feelings for Journey. Unsure to leave Journey or bear knowing that he would only ever be pale, Vale pushed the other to breaking point and sent him grimdark.

"Welcome to Fandomstuck"Edit

Welcome to Fandomstuck is a fanmade verson of Welcome to Night Vale about Fandomstuck done by Vale. The voice actor is the Night Vale Mun.




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