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Your name is VOLTRON FANDOM. Some of your nicknames are VLD FANDOM, VOLT, and TRONNIE. You like to say 'Quiznak' in place of any and all swear words, because swearing is just quiznakking rude. You like GAYS, SPACE, and last but not least, GAYS IN SPACE. You like TECHNOLOGY, COOKING, BATTLING, and FLIRTING. You are a SPACE DAD, and love all of your children.

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Voltron's personality changes. He can be emo, social, antisocial, lovable, etc. as he tends to follow the personalities of the characters in his show. He gets very offended when people call VLD a 'kid's show.' He has many mixed feelings about his ships, as there are lots of ship wars in the fandom.


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