Soul Undertale Soul
Ut fandom
God Tier Sylph of Hope (pacifist)

Prince of Hope (Genocide)

Land Land of Pies and Knives
  • changes colors and fonts when necessary
  • uses bad puns occasionally.
  • Chumhandle ninthSoul
    Strife Specibus
  • knifekind
  • sheildkind
  • Fetch Modus Cell Modus
    Relations Steven Universe - friend

    Earthbound - cousin

    Homestuck - cousin

    Roleplay (none for now)]

    You are the Undertale Fandom. You have a split personality, but both are filled with determination.

    You freakin love Toby Fox.

    Your pacifist personality is kind and good hearted, and tends to cry a lot from feels. They have no trouble making friends, because they get along with others easily.

    Your genocide personality is very destructive, and has a thirst for blood. They don't like to laugh and have no trouble stabbing people in the back. They are very detached and aloof for the purpose of getting through the tasks they need to complete.

    Genocide dreamer: Derse

    Pacifist dreamer: Prospit

    Genocide God tier: Prince of Hope

    Pacifist God tier: Sylph of Hope

    Land of Pie and Knives

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