Basic Information

Undertale is a role-playing game by Toby Fox released on September 15 2015.


The Undertale Fandom has a medium-length straight brown hair with short bangs, white horns and a tail.

They wear a blue unzipped hoodie, blue and purple striped shirt, black jeans, and orange boots.


The Undertale Fandom has a split personality, but both are filled with ''determination''. And they love Toby Fox.


Undertale's pacifist personality is kind and good hearted, and tends to cry a lot from feels. They have no trouble making friends, because they get along with others easily.


Undertale's genocide personality is very destructive, and has a thirst for blood. They don't like to laugh and have no trouble stabbing people in the back. They are very detached and aloof for the purpose of getting through the tasks they need to complete. 



Balanced: Can Balance Hot dogs and other things on there head pretty well

Save File: If killed they will re spawn the last save point.

Dodge!: Really good at dodging attacks.

Bizarre Biology: When he dies he turns to dust, much like the monsters in undertale.


talker: Can usually talk him self out of battles, and gain some cash for his troubles.

Clever: Is pretty good at solving Puzzles


Knife fighter: Hits hard with a knife

Hard to kill: Has a such a Strong will to kill, it protects them form Magical and Physical harm.



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