Basic information Edit

Twenty One Pilots (TØP or TOP for short) is an American musical duo originating from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 by lead vocalist Tyler Joseph along with former members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, who eventually left in 2011, and currently consists of Tyler and drummer Josh Dun.

The Fandomstuck character is, of course, based on Tyler and Josh. He can play several instruments, including the piano, drums, ukulele, trumpet and many more.

Appearance Edit

TOP has naturally black/dark brown hair, which is styled in a mohawk-kinda way, the mohawk part being dyed red. He has red eyeshadow under his eyes. Both of his ears have tunnels. He wears a dark gray t-shirt with the old TØP logo on it. Over that he wears a light blue shirt thing (idk feel free to edit that). He wears skinny black jeans with black sneakers. He also has tattoos on his left arm.
He appears to be about 20-25-ish.

Personality Edit

In general, TOP is very nice and friendly, he loves to laugh and make others smile or laugh. But, he can be really sarcastic and sassy as well, but never rude, unless really needed to. When he's alone, he may start feeling depressed, but he hasn't felt like that in a loooong time. TOP also has an anxiety disorder, but fortunately he seems to be getting over that.

TOP can also be mysterious, sometimes even over seemingly simple things, like his height. No one really knows that. He himself has stated that he's 5'4, but obviously he's taller, maybe 5'9 or 6'.

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