Ros TribeTwelve Ros
God Tier Seer of Doom
Land Land of Eyes and Boardwalks (LoEaB)
Quirk Talks with correct grammar and doubles tthe letttter "T" whenever itt occurs.
Chumhandle N/A
Strife Specibus N/A
Fetch Modus N/A
Relations Friends with the Marble Hornets Fandom , the Children of the Lamp fandom, and the Hypnosis faandom

Friends/enemies with the EveryManHYBRID fandom

Roleplay Tumblr

Description Edit

Behind Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve is one of the more well-known web series about the Slenderman mythos.

Appearance Edit

The TribeTwelve currently has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, and wears a dark shirt with The Rune of Severance, along with a necklace with the same sign on it.

The other pictures are made to look similar to members of The Collective, having a pair of white glasses in one, two realistic eyes in the other, and scars on his wrist and eyes on his palms in the other.

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