Basic Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Tokyo Ghoul is Asian. Her long hair is black at the bottom and white at the top, and is in a half up half down style. Her normal eye color is purple, while her ghoulish eyes are black with red pupils. She also wears a pair of red glasses.

Her uniform consists of a beige knit sweater, a blue skirt that reaches her knees, white socks, and dark blue boots.

She could pass for a regular human if not for the long red tentacles extending from her back.

Personality and Interests Edit

Tokyo Ghoul can be deceiving to any fandoms who don't know her well. Those she is friends with, she makes an effort not to harm. But for most people, she will act nice at first but is doing so in order to hunt them as her prey.

Tokyo Ghoul is not simply a ravenous beast, however, and is misunderstood in the sense that she only hunts humans to survive.


Haikyuu - Redrom crush

Attack on Titan - Good friend.

Hetalia - Friend.

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