Basic Information

The Hunger Games Fandom is a trilogy by Suzanne Collins, which was adapted into movies later on, and has now reached it's end.


Hunger Games (HG) wears her long mocha brown hair down most of the time, but when she goes out it is usually in a braid. No matter where you see her or what you see her in, she will always carry around her bow and arrows, just in case. She casually wears a forest-green jacket --to it pinned the mockingjay pin-- with a blank gray shirt under it. She wears a yellow-brownish pair of jeans with red shoes.


She is a more depressed fandom, since her books/movies have been so tragic. Plus, she is going to end soon. She is somehow lightheaded, still being at a young age of 17. She has trust issues, and may or may not freak out at any random moment possible. She has consistent nightmares, which makes her a sobbing mess in the middle of the night. Her interests include cooking wheat related things, making or wearing crazy dresses, hunting, and singing lullabies to fellow fandoms.



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