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The Supernatural Fandom is a regular from Fandomsarchive.[Currently away]


Supernatural will wear his trenchcoat whenever possible - he hates being without it. He's usually seen wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He has somewhat neat and thick dark brown hair and blue eyes. His face is distinct due to its many freckles, and his skin is of a medium-tan tone. He has dark gray wings (Commonly mistaken as black). He has a halo as well, but he chooses to keep it hidden. He's fairly tall, about 6'4".

Personality Edit

Supernatural has an irresistible addiction; killing "evil sons of bitches," meaning he attempts to kill anything that has either intentionally harmed someone/something or is planning to. He has a bad relationship with Homestuck because his looks are abnormal. Another thing about him is that he's a bit paranoid... to the point that he feels the need to have at least a gun or knife on him at all times. It is also very hard to tell if he is deceiving you or not. He can be very clueless in some scenarios where it takes little to no brain power to comprehend the situation (i.e. someone hinting a flush crush).

Relationships Edit

Doctor Who and Sherlock Edit

Together, the three fandoms are known as SuperWhoLock. They are close friends.

Homestuck Edit

He's in a Love/Hate relationship (mostly hate) with Homestuck, mainly because his appearance isn't human. Supernatural thinks he's a demon. He'll regularly throw salt at him or attempt to trap him in Devils' traps, but also loves him at the same time since Homestuck actually has some potential around Supernatural (which the quadrants make confusing as to whether they are Matesprites or Kismesis) though he tries his best to hide it.

Hetalia Edit

Supernatural has some feelings for Hetaila as well, though when Supernatural tries to confess his feelings to Hetaila, he fails miserably. Maybe one day he'll able to confess. Someday at least...

Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary Edit

His relationship with Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary is a Moiraillegiance. Thought the fandom really wants to go to Supernatural's pants, he really wants Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary to stay as his Moiral since he is trying to get the guts to confess his feelings to Hetaila, and have another relationship (Red and Black) with Homestuck. Supernatural's Moiral is always protecting him, no matter what the cost.



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