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Basic Information Edit


Supernatural has somewhat neat and thick dark brown hair and blue eyes. His face is distinct due to its many freckles, and his skin is of a medium-tan tone. He's also fairly tall, around 6'4".

He is usually seen wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and will wear his trench coat whenever possible - he hates being without it.

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He has dark gray angel wings (commonly mistaken as black) and a halo as well, but he chooses to keep it hidden.

Personality Edit

Supernatural has an irresistible addiction: killing "evil sons of bitches," meaning he attempts to kill anything that has either intentionally harmed someone/something or is planning to. He is very paranoid of the evil in the world, to the point where he feels the need to have a gun or knife on him at all times.

It is difficult to tell if he is deceiving someone or not. He is a skillful liar, but usually only does so for the greater good.

He can be very clueless in some scenarios where it takes little to no brain power to comprehend the situation (i.e. someone hinting a flush crush). In other words, he has trouble reading social cues.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Doctor Who and Sherlock Edit

Together, they are known as SuperWhoLock. They occasionally have their fights, but deep down they are close friends.

Quadrants Edit

Homestuck Fandom - Kismesis Edit

He's in a hove/hate relationship (mostly hate) with Homestuck, mainly because his appearance isn't human, and therefore Supernatural thinks he's a demon. Supernatural regularly throws salt at his kismesis. However, at the same time, he loves Homestuck because he has come to enjoy their brawls and has noticed a potential in him that seems to be hidden from other fandoms.

Hetalia Fandom - Crush Edit

Supernatural has some feelings for Hetalia as well, though whenever he tries to confess his feelings, it fails miserably. Maybe one day he'll able to tell the fandom how he feels...

Trivia Edit

  • Supernatural's theme song is "Angel With a Shotgun" by The Cab
  • He is fluent in Latin
  • He cannot decice whether he likes Destiel or Wincest more
  • He fuckin' loves his pie
  • He'll never get along with anyone who considers a threat to him and his family
  • Because family does not end at blood



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