Basic Information Edit

The Sudomemo (or Sudofox) Fandom is the personification of an animating site on the Nintendo DSi.

Users can connect to Sudomemo via DSi and post animations created on Flipnote Studio.

Personality Edit

Normal Edit

Sudomemo finds great joy in creating new things. But even though they have potential to be a talented artist, they sometimes neglect to put enough time and effort into their work, causing it to be below average quality. This annoys them, because they want to make new animations all the time, but find it boring to put effort into perfecting their work.

Due to their users, they are quite picky about blood, swears, and bullying.

If the site is down, Sudomemo starts to feel very sick, being unable to move as it hurts too much.

Alternate Forms Edit

Trickster Edit

In their Trickster mode, Sudomemo often swears and bullies others.

Grimdark Edit

When users create a uprising, Sudomemo turns Grimdark. They do not have much control over themselves in this state.

Relationships Edit

Nintendo Fandom - Mother Edit

Sudomemo is a Nintendo game, after all!

Hatena Fandom - Sister Edit

Sudomemo looks after their sister. They sometimes make animations together, and Hatena is a big help with editing.

Cartoon Fandoms - Friends Edit

They look up to and take inspiration from other fandoms, especially the cartoon fandoms (Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc.)

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