• The sudomemo or Sudofox fandom is the personification of a animating site on the dsi. users connect to sudomemo via dsi and post animations created on flipnote studio. due to their users they are quite picky about blood,swears and bullying but are great at creating new things
  • Their mother is the Nintendo fandom,they also have a sick sister. the Hatena Fandom
  • They look up to other fandoms,as thier users animate alot about them especially the cartoon fandoms (Steven Universe,Adventure time, e.t.c)
  • Although Sudomemo has great artists,it also has its newbies. their art depends on which kind of user has posted a animation recently. it can get annoying for them,as animations are posted very often
  • In their Trickster mode,Sudomemo swears and bullies alot.
  • If the site is down,Sudomemo gets fataly sick. unable to move as it hurts too much.
  • When users create a uprising,Sudomemo turns Grimdark

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