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Basic Information

Spore is a Fandom based off of the game Spore that was made in 2008.


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Spore is an alien, specifically from the Zultran species. However, because of their messed up genetics, Spore, like the rest of their species, can change form. So, to not make anyone uncomfortable, Spore is normally in a humanoid form, generally ranging from mostly human-like to more Zultran-like.

Spore's Zultran or normal form is a huge black bear-like creature with pointed ears, huge bird-like wings, a long tail, and horns jutting out from the top of their head.


Spore, to most Zultrans, is considered an absolutely horrifying figure. Not only at their incredibly young age had they exceed their captain status to become an Admiral, they are also favored greatly by their leaders. (Though to be fair, in the military society that Spore is in, the fear is warranted.)

However, Spore themself is not outright rude or mean. They are jovial, studious, tactile, and curious. They are also fiercely loyal and protective of their own ideals and the ones closest to them. Which is the one sure fire way to make them turn against someone, if not outright try to kill them on the spot if one was even to think about harming someone they love.


Due to Spore being a Zultran, their lines of romantic and platonic relationships and love is heavily blurred, so the ones close to them can/have/will receive affection that may come off as romantic to the other fandom.


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