The Sonic Fandom (by selfishaggressor)

Thought the Sonic Fandom is a protagonist, she's often seen as an antagonist when it comes to almost every situation. She's pretty infamous compared to MLP because how negative Sonic can be, how she's very sensitive on opinions, she's like an "all hail Sonic!" and even despited herself. Sonic is also infamous for her behavior, misleading, and misunderstanding to every situation, Sonic often tries to help but no one ever goes to her for advice since her 'helpful' opportunities aren't very.. helpful. The girl often has relationship issues. Though she usually remains pale towards the MLP Fandom.


The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom is a young girl with bushy black hair.  She wears a black sleeveless blouse and a red skirt, in addition to a pair of blue hedgehog ears. She wears white gloves, like her favorite hedgehog.


The Sonic Fandom is very misleading and misunderstanding, because of that she's infamous. Sonic is quite a quiet pearl (she's muted mostly) but for time to time she does talk. Sonic is kind of a bully when it comes to messing things up, she really needs to know whenever she can calm down about opinions, she really hates opinions so much really. Sonic Fandoms personality often has her hanging out with creepypasta. Or on a rare occasion, MLP


The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom has existed since 1991 when its first game was produced.

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