The Attack On Titan Fandom or Shingeki no Kyojin Fandom is a rather quiet fandom,


Horse Face

though he can get very vocal when you are challenging his beliefs. He tends to get along with the Homestuck Fandom through their  common everybody dies thing. He is very OCD and is a giant neat freak. He does have a titan form, but hardly uses it. Don't call him horse face.

He can be an Idiot at times, and gets distracted easly. He is very caution about his Scarf because it's his blood of his victims. Never say TITAN to him, that is his trigger.

a couple nicknames people call him:

  • TitanBoy
  • PotatoBoy
  • Taters
  • Titan


His General Outfit is Identical to the uniform of the Series' Scout regiment. 

Attack titan

Titan Form

His Appearance is a mixture of

referances from the Characters. Jean's HairStyle, Mikasa's red scarf, and Lance Corporal Levi's Cravat.

He also has freckles placement as Yimir and Marco, and have Titan Green colored eyes.

Titan ModeEdit

His Titan mode is similar to Erens Titan mode, but he has the abilities of

the Female, Colossal, Armour, Rogue, and Dancing Titan.


He can be an Idiot at times, and can be very distracted very easily. He likes to think he's badass because of his titan killing skills. He LOVES food mostly Potatoes, when you say TITAN he will pshyco.

His Personality is more like Eren and Sasha. Outgoing, and Hardworking, Friendly but yet always seemingly mad. Sometimes you can't tell if he is happy or sad.


Title: thief Of Doom

Strife Specibus: BladeKind

Modus: Stack


FairyTail - Kismesis

Walking Dead - Moirail
Alice in Wonderland - Matesprite

Free! - Ex-Moirail 

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