Basic Information

Sherlock is a crime drama series on BBC about the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and former British army doctor John Watson, who work together to solve murder mysteries in a world full of criminal geniuses.

Though the series has ended, the fandom remains a large one, still captivated by the brilliantly developed characters and storytelling Sherlock has provided them.


The most widely accepted appearance of Fandomstuck Sherlock is a relatively tall person with pale skin and dark curly hair. They are most often seen wearing a black trench coat with the collar turned up, a dress shirt, a blue scarf, and dark pants and shoes.

Many Variations

However, they do have several variations in appearance, such as having lighter brown hair or wearing a striped shirt with a yellow smiley face.

The pink phone from the first episode is one of their main accessories and means of communication with other fandoms.


On the surface, the Sherlock Fandom seems to take an awful lot after their favorite sociopath, Sherlock Holmes himself. But in actuality, this is the fandom's best impression of him, as they truly admire the character's ability to use the science of deduction. The fandom does their best to imitate his methods of studying others to draw conclusions, but they are rarely accurate, since they tend to miss important details. The Sherlock Fandom is painfully aware of this fact.

In addition, the fandom will often exclaim lines such as "Obviously!" in order to sound smart around others, even if they have no idea what is going on. Luckily for them, most fandoms find this to be more endearing than annoying. Although, this sort of behavior does make them notorious for being an arrogant fandom.[1]

Although their deduction skills leave much to be desired, Fandomstuck Sherlock is still highly intelligent, as they are more capable of applying logic and reason to their show than the average fandom. Though somewhat exaggerated, their series still demonstrates a lot about how powerful people fit into the world, and this leaves them aspiring to be just as capable and cerebral as them. The sheer amount of theories they came up with in between seasons is solid proof of this.


The Sherlock Fandom takes great pride in knowing that the majority of their main characters are well developed, interesting individuals. And with such beloved characters come the many ships, some of which are more nonsensical than others. Even Sherlock has an emotional side, and shipping is one of their favorite ways to express it.

Sherlock is a series full of shocking and emotional moments, so the fandom will occasionally take the more serious moments and make them seem more lighthearted, often in the forms of comics and parodies. With the amount of stress they have to go through to finish a single episode, they have found this a good way to deal with the feels and poke fun at some characters at the same time.



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Hetalia Fandom

Hannibal Fandom

Criminal Minds Fandom

Death Note Fandom

The two sometimes team up to solve mysteries. Sherlock finds Death Note to be childish and easily deduced that he hates to lose. However, his hate-friend's "unsolvable murders" have proven to be a challenge for Sherlock to figure out.


Doctor Who Fandom - Matesprit


Harry Potter Fandom

They used to talk, but Sherlock found Harry Potter's firm belief in magic to be too immature.[1]



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