Intro Edit

SCP is a group that interacts with the unknown, the powerful, and that which is just plain stupid.

Background of SCP Fandom : Data Expunged

A few facts the SCP Fandom allowed to be said... Edit

1. SCP is one of the few fandoms to lack feelings, being a robot. SCP made himself incapable of feelings in order to help others. Why would that help? Well, that's a another story.

2. Despite being a younger fandom, SCP is the only one, no, only thing capable of making Creepy Pasta scared. He uses this advantage to keep Creepy Pasta from killing anyone.

3. There are no known photos or videos of SCP, and no, you can't ask why... ever wonder where the Firefly fandom went?

4. SCP Fandom keeps Documentation and Files of all the other Fandoms he get to know. He just let them be readed by his closer Friends.

5. He normally help Supernatural Fandom to Secure, Contain and Protect most of the Creatures he captures.

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