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Intro: SCP is a Group that interacts with the Unknown, powerful, and the just plain stupid. Written on a Wiki,

and made by writers, good/bad

Background of SCP Fandom : Data Expunged

Few Facts allowed By SCP Fandom to be Said: 1. SCP is one of the few, to lack feelings, But Unlike others such as FNAF, Being a Robot, And Portal During her Robot days, Also a Robot. SCP Made Himself Incapable of feelings in order to help others, How would that help? Well That's a another story. 2. Dispite being younger, SCP is the only one, no, Only thing capable of making Creepy Pasta scared. He uses this to keep Creepy Pasta from Killing anyone. 3. There Is no Known Photos/Videos of SCP, and no, you can't ask why, wonder where Firefly fandom went?

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