Basic Information

Camp Camp is an animated series on Rooster Teeth.



The Camp Camp Fandom the type of fandom that isn't afraid to swear on a daily basis. Most of the time, Camp Camp has a cynical and jaded perspective. They are also particularly clever, which prevents them from being naive and afraid of the unknown. They have no belief in the afterlife whatsoever.

Around their friends, their personality changes making them more relaxed. They secretly love to have fun, but people don't see that side of them.

Despite being clever and cynical, they can forget the most obvious of things, like they have to breathe to survive, and that they don't know how to drive.

The Camp Camp Fandom has many hobbies, the main ones being extreme sports, astrology, magic tricks, adventuring, science, driving buses and crashing into other people. They also tend to bully other fandoms they dislike.



Dream Daddy Fandom

Eddsworld Fandom


Roster Teeth - Father

RWBY Fandom - Sister

Red vs. Blue Fandom - Brother

Achievement Hunter Fandom - Brother