SATW (Scandinavia and the World) Fandom is a fandom from Tumblr

Basic Information

SATW is the shortened name for Scandinavia and the World, a webcomic about the personified countries in Scandinavia, occasionally with all of the Nordics, and sometimes with countries from places like Asia or North America. The main focus of the comic seems to be Denmark, whom almost always appears in every comic strip. The basic plot of the comic is seeing into the lives of these personified countries, as we see their (very comedic) viewpoint on the world.

SATW is especially known to take stereotypes to the extreme, as almost every character is pure stereotype, with a little addition of a persona from the webcomic's creator, Humon. The fandom itself though has been shown to mostly do on its own, with little to no interaction with other fandoms (so far the fandom itself seems to have only interacted "majorly" with Hetalia, My Little Pony, and Studio Killers)


At first glance, you won't seem to get much out of this fandom other than either a nervous laugh, or a very happy reply; if you ask him any questions. Although, if you insist to be around him more and more, he'll gladly open up to you.

He's shown to have a bit admiration towards the Hetalia fandom, but denies any sort of relation to him (as he doesn't feel he's talked to him enough to even be considered a friend), He's also shown to be very easily flustered, as he can mistake anything for an embarassing situation, he's also shown to not be too assertive. He's not very outspoken, making him quite an introvertial person, but he doesn't refuse interaction with other fandoms, if they insist they'd like to talk to him.

He doesn't think before he acts, and therefore can come out very awkward towards people. But he lacks very much self-esteem as well, and therefore gets surprised if people want him anything good, and will get incredibly happy if they compliment him. He also has an obsession with vikings, and he is a pretty heavy drinker. He has a companion, the beer ghost fandom (which is in fact a beer ghost itself, oooo), but bickers with it most of the time since it drinks all his good German/Danish beer. He also seems to love fish, a personality quirk he seems to have from Norway in the comic.


SATW is a very tall and muscular guy (either that or he's big boned). His height is about 6.8.

He's rarely seen without his hat, but he does understand why he has to take it off when exploring his land. His hat is the exact same Finland's. Otherwise his hair isn't considered long, but it isn't short either, and it's a blonde colour. His hair is very ruffled under the hat, which is why he's rarely seen without it. He has a very bright caucasian skin, and has a beard and a bit of a stache, but the stache was proven to be fake on this ask from the askmspasatw blog, the blog where SATW originated from. He wears a maroon coloured long-sleeved turtle-neck shirt, with Denmark's face on it, supposedly resembling the (unknown) logo of the comic. He also has freckles, lots and lots of freckles, but only on his cheeks



  • His land is LOCAS, the Land of Cliffs and Sea
  • His strife specibus is uncertain, but seems to be either gunkind or knifekind (Although knifekind is been seen more often, he does in fact have a gun on him. So knifekind is most likely his strife specibus)
  • His God Tier title is the Mage of Blood (Previously the Rogue of Blood)
  • His typing quirk is very simple, he speaks normally with okay grammar (there are spelling mistakes noticable in his text at times). When speaking in all caps (And not in a bad mood), he will replace the letters A O and E, with Å Ø and Æ. Ex. "I'm the Scandinavia and the World fandom! I'M JUST SØ HÅPPY TØ BÆ HÆRÆ!"
  • So far, his fetch modus remains unknown
  • His version of Grimdark is Berserk mode, something that'll cause the player who is in berserk mode to be demon like, with only aggressive intensions (as in this mode they cannot remember other players, and therefore will attack anybody on the spot without reasoning). The appearance of a person in berserk mode is a person who's details are not noticable, as they are a sillhouette with icy-blue (pupil-less) eyes. There is a mysterious chilling white fog coming out of their mouth and etes, as they also seem to have grown sharp fangs. They trap people they intend to kill by setting everything around them on fire. To activate berserk mode, one must be enraged beyond normal circumstances (either being bothered to the brink of insanity, or something like a part of their quest being ruined by somebody's stupidity)


  • SATW's nationality seems to be Danish (Just like the comic's origin), and speaks these languages: English, German, Danish fluently and Swedish, and Norwegian non-fluently.
  • His voice sound awfully a lot like Robin Stjernberg (Swedish Eurovision 2013 participant), although his accent is still Danish
  • He calls berserk mode "Viking Mode"
  • According to the askmspasatw blog, on his planet there is a sea-serpent which he named Saami. He managed to tame it after months of trying to make peace with it, and to his relief he found out it wasn't his denizen
  • He actually needs glasses. But he uses contacts, since he doesn't want to wear Sweden's glasses
  • Appears to be a Prospit dreamer, as shown on a post on askmspasatw where Genderbent SATW is found sleeping (and an icon of a Golden moon is shown)