Basic Information

Rick and Morty is an American animated series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon on Adult Swim that follows the insane sci-fi adventures of mad scientist/drunkard Rick Sanchez and his awkward grandson, Morty Smith.

The series has attracted a fanbase of young adults who have recently been blessed with the show's return, the long awaited season 3.


Fandomstuck Rick and Morty's design is mainly a combination of the main characters. They wear a yellow shirt under Rick's signature lab coat and (hopefully) his pants. Their hair is also a combination of the styles of the two protagonists, being blue and somewhat spiky, but not out of control.

They also carry around a portal gun for travelling to other dimensions. They use it to visit other fandoms in their universes, and are constantly concerned with the prospect of it running out of power.


Fandomstuck Rick and Morty is quite the intellectual, and though they may be nerdy, they're actually a party animal who is always immature. Like, really immature. Did someone mention adult humor? That's like 75% of their show right there. This fandom definitely knows how to get schwifty.

They exploit their intelligence in only the best ways possible: inventing things solely for their own benefit! Some of the inventions they've grown rather fond of are interdimesional cable (TV shows from other dimensions), Mr. Meeseeks (creatures that serve a single purpose and cease to exist), and the Butter Robot... for passing butter. And of course, the portal gun that can take the user anywhere in the multiverse, particularly the most dangerous parts. But no matter what weird or horrible things come their way, this fandom can't help but enjoy their adventures.

The Rick and Morty fandom is skilled analyzing their show, and drawing conclusions from the most subtle hints; their observation skills match those of someone like the Sherlock Fandom. However, this may be the result of them having way too much free time on their hands because of the recent 2 year hiatus.

The fandom is very prone to acting like they're better than others due to their unfortunate belief that one must posses an IQ of 200+ in order to grasp the concepts in the show. Since the debut of Season 3 however, they have become aware of their delusional ways and have turned it into a joke.[1]

Despite being a comedy series, Rick and Morty introduces themes such as the meaning of life and the potential endlessness the universe really holds, which in turn shows how insignificant we really are... Although they are pretty outrageous, Fandomstuck Rick and Morty is a surprisingly deep thinker and may be going through some sort of existential crisis right now. On the outside, Rick and Morty doesn't give a F***! But on the inside, they genuinely have feelings and care about others. This side of them is just difficult to recognize.

Also, prepare your ass for more theories than you'll know what to do with.



Back to the Future Fandom

Rick and Morty was based off of Back to the Future, after all. In fact, inspiration for the show was a vulgar parody called The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. They consider RaM to be a ripoff done right.

Pokemon Fandom

Pocket Mortys is another fine example of Rick and Morty's ripoffs- err, parodies. These fandoms had little in common until the Pocket Mortys game came out. Pokemon loves the game and the two have invested many hours of their lives into playing both official and parody games.

Steven Universe Fandom

There are few connections between the two series apart from the characters facing enemies from outer space. But the real crossover inspiration comes from the fan creation and abomination Prick, the fusion of Pearl and Rick. Forever salty, now with amplified depression and a drinking problem. What's not to love?

Doctor Who Fandom

The two shows feature vessels that can transcend space and characters who always end up in strange, and in many cases, dangerous locations. Fans like to picture the Doctor and his companion meeting up with Rick and Morty in crazy situations.

Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom

Both are creepy, bloody, and can be genuinely disturbing at times. And they like it that way.


Gravity Falls Fandom - Moirail

The creators of the two series, Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) and Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty) are good friends in real life and have included Easter eggs in their shows intending to "freak people out and blow their minds." The shows also share many connections in terms of concepts: they both have very weird and shocking elements, and the fandoms enjoy the sci-fi aspects in them as well. Fans of the series hope for a crossover between them in the future.