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Basic Infomation

A girl named Madoka is offered a wish in return for a committment to battle witches.


Madoka has pink hair with curls that put as ponytails, she also wears a thin red ribbon. She wears the series uniform with stockings to demonstrate about her series. Madoka also has red nails and has a ring in her right middle finger.




DanganRonpa Fandom

Love Live Fandom

Hetalia Fandom

Hetalia is like a counseling friend who supports Madoka to get herself motivated and talks about deep stuff.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom


Homestuck Fandom - Crush

Despite that Homestuck has relations with Adventure Time, she has a crush on him because she isn't aware that Homestuck (most likely) has a red girlfriend. Homestuck is friendly with Madoka and is considers her a great friend of his.

Re:Zero Fandom - Kismesis