Problem Sleuth Fandom as shown above.

Problem Sleuth is a regular from Fandomsarchive .


Problem Sleuth is the older brother of Homestuck Fandom and the brother of Intermission Fandom, Bard's Quest, and Jailbreak.


Sleuth's apperance consists of a white hat with a candy corn colored ribbon all around. His hair is mostly a light/dark blonde. The rest of his clothes, namely shirt, trenchcoat, pants, and really, really unseeable shoes, are determinably white. His shirt's icon is a piece of candy corn. Sleuth also has candy corn colored wristbands. (He craves candy corn, or any candy, for that matter.) Back when Problem Sleuth was raised by Bard's Quest and Jailbreak, he had grey eyes, but at the present time, they are orange.


Problem Sleuth was raised by Bard's Quest and Jailbreak. Both of them taught Sleuth everything they could, from the arms joke to whatever people suggested. A while back, Sleuth had an arguement with Bard's Quest, but hasn't really seen him since. Jailbreak is still on good terms with Sleuth. Last time Jailbreak was seen Homestuck gave him a shoutout for his adventure. Ever since SBURB ended, he's been the God of Justice. He also raised Homestuck Fandom.
Tumblr inline mmduf8Nyql1r9j6v7

Problem Sleuth Fandom (middle) Bard's Quest (left) and Jailbreak (right)

Quadrants Regardless of being related to Intermission Fandom, he's currently in a matespritship with him, with Intermission its like a bandwagon of fuck you served with french fries to Incest's face. Honestly, Sleuth has a thing with everyone, Most people don't even know it. For example, with Vocaloid Fandom he's a silver tier "ass claimer" and well recently black relationship thingy whatever.

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