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Pokemon is a Japanese video game series created in 1996[1] about magical and powerful creatures who are often raised by humans as pets, studied for research, or trained for the competitive sport of Pokemon battles.[2]

The Pokemon Fandom and the series it follows cover many forms of media, from video games and card games to anime and manga. Pokemon has drawn in a massive amount of very diverse fans, though all they tend to be on the geeky side.

Appearance Edit

Fandomstuck Pokemon's design is based off of every major game in Pokemon generations 1-5, making their appearance somewhat outdated as of 2017.

Their best known features include a red cap with a white pokeball design on the front, and the hairstyle of Ash Ketchum from the anime series with red and blue beads scattered throughout their black hair. They also wear a yellow shirt with black and white sleeves under a blue vest, a green scarf around their neck over a pearl necklace with a diamond at its center. They usually wear grey pants, but take a liking to shorts as well. They have a mega ring around their wrist and typically carry around a pokeball that contains a Pikachu.

The cap and vest represent the games Red and Blue, the yellow shirt and pants represent Gold and Silver, the beads in their hair represent Ruby and Sapphire, the scarf represents Emerald, the necklace represents Diamond and Pearl, and the long sleeves represent Black and White.

Personality Edit


Pokemon enjoys playing their games for fun, but has a unique devotion to the art of competitive battle as well.[3] They have a passion for obscure theories, storytelling, and discovering secrets in their universe.

Lore in particular is a very important thing to them, as there is a lot of history in the Pokemon world to be discussed. And being such a large fandom for so many years, the Pokemon Fandom has a rather deep history themselves. Much of it involves playing games or watching the anime in their early childhood, where they first developed an attachment to the series. They then go on to reminisce how Pokemon was always there for them; they do have many fond memories because of it.

The Pokemon Fandom is always very excited for new games, but also has strong feelings of nostalgia for the good old days.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Legend of Zelda Fandom Edit

The Legend of Zelda, as a fellow video game fandom, welcomed Pokemon as a friend when their games first came out. They like to play their games together, as well as poke fun at how nonsensical they can sometimes be.

Creepypasta Fandom Edit

Creepypasta noticed Pokemon actually has some scary elements in their games, and offered to help make stories about them. Thus, the horrors of Lavender Town and haunted game cartridges were born.

Rivals Edit

Yugioh Fandom Edit

Pokemon has seen YGO as a rival fandom for some time now, ever since his children's card game became so popular and Pokemon got a bit jealous.

Digimon Fandom Edit

The characters from Digimon are so similar to those of Pokemon that they were immediately accused of copying Pokemon. Of course, the Pokemon Fandom eventually got around to actually watching Digimon's anime and realized the story was really different. However, the damage had already been done, and Digimon has had a negative impression of Pokemon ever since. These two really don't get along in general, but it seems they may have just stopped caring about their feud entirely over the years.

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