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Basic Information Edit

Pokemon is a series about magical and powerful creatures who are often raised by humans as pets, studied for research, or trained for the competitive sport of Pokemon battles.

The Pokemon Fandom is 21 years old and the series it follows covers many forms of media, from games to TV series to manga, and has drawn in a massive amount of diverse yet generally geeky fans.

Appearance Edit

Fandomstuck Pokemon's design is based off of every major game in Pokemon generations 1-5, making their appearance somewhat outdated as of 2017. Their best known features include a red cap with a white pokeball design on the front, and the hairstyle of Ash Ketchum from the anime series with red and blue beads scattered throughout their black hair.

They also wear a yellow shirt with black and white sleeves under a blue vest, a green scarf around their neck over a pearl necklace with a diamond at its center. Their pants are grey, but they take a liking to shorts as well. They have a mega ring around their wrist and typically carry around a pokeball containing a Pikachu.

The cap and vest represent the games Red and Blue, the yellow shirt and pants represent Gold and Silver, the beads in their hair represent Ruby and Sapphire, the scarf represents Emerald, the necklace represents Diamond and Pearl, and the long sleeves represent Black and White.

Personality Edit

Pokemon is always very excited for new games, but also has strong fellings of nostalgia for the good old days. They enjoy playing for fun, but have a unique devotion to the art of competitive battle as well. Like many fandoms, they have a passion for theories, storytelling, and discovering secrets in their universe.

Relationships Edit

Pokemon is one of those fandoms that is very easy to make crossovers with, similar to My Little Pony. They have so many connections with various fandoms, this section may never be filled completely, but I encourage you to try. Go on. Make some edits. Give this guy some friends. Or enemies. Anyone. Here, I'll start you off with these 3:

Yugioh - Rival anime series / card game

Digimon - Rival anime series (Kismesis?)

Legend of Zelda - Video game friend


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