The muse is officially made by AGSonic Official.

Basic Information Edit

Appearance Edit

The Persona 4 Fandom has gray hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. His outfit consists of a blue hat, headphones, a black tank top and pants with a brown belt, and whatever color shoe you'll give him.

He sometimes wears the school uniform just to resemble his game.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Sega - Parent Edit

Megami Tensei - Parent Edit

Persona (series) - Parent Edit

Persona 1 Fandom - Brother Edit

Persona 2 Fandom - Sister Edit

Persona 3 Fandom - Sister Edit

Persona 5 Fandom - Sibling Edit

Quadrants Edit

Jet Set Radio Fandom - Matesprit Edit

Persona 4 Fandom Gallery Edit

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