Persona 4 fandom is a card fandom who can only be as a stand alone fandom when the Persona (series) fandom splits up. He currently has a crush on the Nintendo fandom and by far the most powerful of his siblings so far.

Appearance Edit

Persona 4 fandom has Gray hair, clear blue eyes, and pale skin. His outfit contains of a blue hat, headphones, black tank top and pants, and whatever color shoe you'll give him. Persona 4 does occasionally wears the school uniform just to resemble the game.

Relationships Edit

Persona 4 has various of relation ships

Nintendo Edit

Persona 4 and Nintendo are some how rocky in love with each other without confessing their feelings as of now. Nintendo felt tsun towards him at first but she later became attached to Persona 4. Persona 4 has a good passion that the persona games should've been licensed by Nintendo.

Persona (series) Edit

Sometimes, he really wants to be free from the Persona (series) fandom. Persona 4 tries to get attached to him but fails sometimes. When Persona 4 is freed from mashing is siblings, he often thinks of Persona's life choices.

Persona 1, 2, and 3 Edit

Unlike Persona (series), Persona 4 gets along with his siblings thought there is some competition here and there, most likely to Persona 3 and they even share a crossover together.

Persona 4 Fandom Gallery Edit

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