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Basic Info Edit

The blog of Persona 3 is at this link

Appearance Edit

Persona 3 fandom has green slashed hair, wears a cap, the Persona 3 school uniform, pale skin and whatever eye color you want to put her. She has also have other uniforms and cosplays to try on since that's how the resemblance if her game.

Relationships Edit

Persona 3 has various of relationship she went though.

Disgaea Edit

Persona 3 used to have a matesprit relationship until Disgaea left Fandomstuck, leaving her hanging but will never forget the memories with him. Ex. Of thier relationship:

Persona (series) Edit

Persona 3 is Persona's daughter, she is glad the Persona 3 can live to its games of the past

Persona 2 Edit

Persona 4 Edit

Personality Edit

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