The Persona 3 Fandomstuck blog:

Appearance Edit

Persona 3 fandom has green hair, pale skin and brown eyes. She usually wears a black cap and the Persona 3 school uniform, but occasionally wears other uniforms and cosplays.

Relationships Edit

Persona 3 has has gone through various relationships:

Disgaea Edit

Persona 3 used to have a matesprit relationship with Disgaea until they left Fandomstuck, leaving her alone. Still, she will never forget the memories she had with him. Ex. Of their relationship:

Persona (series) Edit

Persona 3 is Persona's daughter, she is glad the Persona 3 can live up to the games of the past.

Persona 2 Edit

Older sibling.

Persona 4 Edit

Younger sibling.

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