Basic Information Edit

Otogi Spirit Agents, also known by his nickname Otogi, is a fantasy card game. There are three card types (Anima, Divinia & Phatas) and three card classes (Melee, Ranged & Healer). The cards are called "daemons" and are rated from the rarity 1-5 stars.

In the game, you can play a singleplayer story, dungeons, PvP, and events. The events are the most loved part about Otogi. There is a new event every month. 


Otogi is a really patient Fandom and knows how to economize. He uses logic and intelligence to make choices. Secretly Otogi believes that he is unintelligent, but he is good in hiding it behind his big ego of fake confidence. He isn't a person who judges other's fast. In fact, he would rather hide his personal thoughts, than saying something. He tries to follow morality.



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