Who are they? Edit

Muns (or Mods) are the forces behind roleplayed characters. Considering the great amount of Fandomstuck roleplay and ask blogs on Tumblr, this makes them rather important to Fandomstuck itself, and to the canon descriptions of Fandoms with these ask blogs.


Muns helped Fandomstuck gain a lot of popularity in its early years, since many of their ask blogs turned out to be successful with the general public on the internet.

Role in FandomstuckEdit

They have no role in the canon of Fandomstuck, they're simply people. However, their choices and influence upon fans of Fandomstuck can change others' interpretations of the characters.

List of Influential Muns and DescriptionsEdit

  1. Fandomstucklist
  2. Entropychronicles(splitwires) - participated in alternate universe, actively plays chromeuserbase(chromwell), firefoxuserbase(fire/beth), internet twins dave and julius, and furry fandom(diana)

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