Though it may seem unlikely, I think that Mary Poppins is actualily a psychotic time traveling alien. In other words, Missy, a time lord. Or as she calls herself, a time lady. And, I have evidence to prove this claim.

  1. The clothing

If you look at Missy's clothing, it is extremely similar to Mary Poppins. The same dress, shoes and hairstyle.

2. The umbrella

In one scene, she literally floats, or telepots, down from the sky with an umbrell. Classic Mary Poppins.

3. Singing

Missy loves to sing. Strange songs, but still songs.

4. The handbag

Mary Poppins' hand bag carries everything, right? So, it's bigger on the inside. Time lord technology!

5. Wishing

In the movie, the two children wish for a new nanny, and then one just shows up. People have wished for the Doctor to come, and he sometimes does. Maybe Missy did the same. It's possible.

So that is why Maray Poppins is an insane alien taking care of two children. So next time you watch that movie, just think about that. Comment! 😜

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