The Misha Fandom was run by ask-sherlock-fandomstuck.

It is now under control of someone else

Basic Information Edit

Description and Appearance Edit

Your name is THE MISHA FANDOM, but you prefer MISHDOM. You are a GIRL, and you have LONG, DARK BROWN HAIR that reaches just below your shoulders. You are 5’ 11", the same height as Misha himself, and you wear a trench coat over top skinny jeans and a t-shirt that says “I love Misha Collins". You worship MISHA COLLINS like your life depends on it, because it kind of does. You were BORN ON AUGUST 20TH, 1998. This was the year Misha started acting, but you didn't grow up until SUPERNATURAL aired. You love CASTIEL with a passion.

Personality Edit

Interests Edit

She reblogs a crap ton of Misha and Castiel stuff. Misha Collins loves to talk about Misha all the time, she hangs out with Supernatural Fandom about Castiel in his events. Misha also loves to cosplay as characters the Misha Collins has played

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Supernatural - Half Brother Edit

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