Metallica and her double bladed scythe

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You are the METALLICA FANDOM. You are among the OLDER FANDOMS, though physically, you aren't.You are the SAGE OF BLOOD and you are 32 YEARS OLD. Your chumhandle is acesMusician.

Appearance and God TierEdit

You are roughly 5'11 and you have PURE WHITE hair that tumbles down to your mid thighs and DEEP PURPLE eyes. Your typical outfit includes your maroon red shirt and your mid orange bandana, which you tie around your neck. You rarely wear skirts, but you do wear a variety of colored pants and your black shoes. You also like to put purple highlights in your hair but it rarely stays for more than a day.

God Tier

Metallica's god tier is a dress

You are the Sage of Blood and though you are not god-tier yet you know what you'd look like if you were. Sadly, your god-tier is a DRESS, and you hate it. 

Typing QuirkEdit

when YOU type, YOU like TO capitalize EVERY other WORD and THATS about IT. you DON'T really DO anything ELSE with YOUR writing STYLE. 


Your morail is the My Chemical Romance Fandom , and you haven't seen her in quite a long time. 

Your matesprite is the Pirate 101 Fandom.

Your kismesis used to be the Megadeth Fandom, but you have kind of patched things up with him.

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