The Marble Hornets Fandom wasa member of the Fandomstuck Community. He was found under the url along with the ToTheArk fandom

Basic Information

Marble Hornets is one of the more well-known Slenderman web series, with series such as EverymanHYBRID and Tribetwelve being the next well-known web series about the slender mythos.


The Marble Hornets fandom currently has copper-brown curly hair and his eyes seem to be blue or brown.

He wears a dark grey t-shirt with the operator symbol on it, paired with a striped hoodie that looks like the one worn by Alex Kralie in the series, as well as plain jeans and black boots. He also dons a pair of glasses and a golden operator symbol necklace.




Creepypasta/Copypasta Fandom - Brother

EveryManHybrid Fandom - Friend(?)

The Twilight Zone Fandom - Father


TribeTwelve Fandom - Moirail(?)

(Many refer to TribeTwelve as Marble Hornets moirail, probably due to both of them being rather popular...)