LifeLine Edit

Appearance Edit

LifeLine Fandom is a short, freckled fandom, with poofy-ish hair. He wears a maroon shirt with a grey collar and grey sleeves, as well as wearing a darker grey pants. When he's alien, his eyes glow bright green. When normal, his irises are still green, just without the glow.

Other Information Edit

Lifeline is part alien, and has a sort of "mystic power", including supernatural strength and abnormal agility, which he's far from mastering. He's afraid of aliens. He often gets stuck in weird and horrendous situations. Although he can be impatient, sarcastic, and whiny at times, he is very kind and dorky. He loves to tell a joke from time to time, even during terrible situations. He speaks unsurely, and is always contacting someone in an odd situation.

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