The Leviathan Fandom is the fandom of a steampunk book trilogy about an alternate history version of WW1.

Leviathan Fandom
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Made by the lovely one-piece-fandom!

God Tier Heir of (Blood, Breath, or Life)
Land Land of Gears and Eggs (LOGAE)
Quirk Regular typing. Uses emotes and slang found in the trilogy.
Chumhandle providencesSeashell
Strife Specibus Bladekind, Fistkind, Canekind, Beastiekind.
Fetch Modus Unknown.
  • Fallout Fandom: Ex-moirails. Still friends.
  • One Piece Fandom: Is his crew's mechanik and beastie tamer. Has an unrequited crush on him.
  • Friends or friendly acquaintances with a lot of fandoms.
  • Roleplay askleviathanfandom


    Levi is a bright and enthusiastic person, prone to loud speech and big smiles. She's friendly and enjoys mechaniks, beastie training, and any way of flying or height she can get her hands on. She is an excellent fighter and likes to spar and drink. She is confident and enjoys companionship.


    Levi is fairly tall, lean, and muscular. She's blonde, with green eyes and tanned skin. She is very gender neutral in appearance and is always mistaken for a boy by new acquaintances. Her usual outfit consists of a dress shirt, trousers, and suspenders.


    • Her hair is supposed to resemble a peacock, despite their being mentioned all of once (in Behemoth). Blame Rule of Cool.
    • Levi is an Heir of Blood. (This may be changed to Breath in the future, as she acts far more like a hero of Breath than Blood.) (30/9/13: She's probably going to end up an Heir of Life. Man, I wish I weren't as picky with classpecting as I am.)
    • Levi is demisexual/romantic, with no current quadrants. She used to be moirails with Fallout Fandom, which ended due to Levi's constant absences. Currently has a (pretty obvious) flush crush.

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