111px-Symbol - Heart4 Kingdom Hearts 111px-Symbol - Heart4
Kingdom Hearts
God Tier
  • Heir of Light
  • Land
  • Light and Shadows
  • Quirk
  • Uses o-I_I-----o<l at the beginning of sentences
  • Uses "k" for all words starting with c
  • 6698FF (Sky blue) is the color of his words
  • Chumhandle
  • heartlessKiller (HK)
  • Strife Specibus
  • Keybladekind
  • Keykind
  • Fetch Modus
  • Zipper
  • Relations
  • Disney Fandom - Mother
  • Tumblr Fandom- Father of all fandoms
  • Final Fantasy Fandom - Morail
  • Homestuck Fandom - Morail
  • Tomb Raider Fandom - Presumed adopted family (sister?)
  • Roleplay
  • Fandomsarchive

  • The Kingdom Hearts Fandom, from Tumblr Fandomstuck and Deviantart Fandomstuck (by janelvalle).


    Kingdom Hearts Fandom is comprised of two different people. The first of the two is Hiro, and the second is Kurono. Each act independently from each other and have two very different personalities.

    Hiro - ApperanceEdit

    Hiro is a twenty-three year old male with sandy blonde hair and shockingly bright blue eyes. He is six-foot three inches tall,  which causes him to seem somewhat intimidating. Most times his face is obscured by a black leather hood, especially when around new people or enemies. Conneted to the hood is a long black leather coat with a comicly large zipper, which reaches the top of his black and gray lined boots. The jacket is usually open near the bottom, showing his black pants. Under the coat is a long dark grey shirt with the Heartless symbol on the front. Under the hood, resting on his shoulders is a tattered black scarf, a gift from his older brother Final Fantasy Fandom.


    Hiro used to be shy when first meeting people, due to his lack of memory. Even now, he still hides his face using his hood, whenever meeting new people. He has a tendency to appear out of nowhere, not realizing that most people dont expect it. His stature and appearance when he appears sets most people on guard, though Hiro is usually harmless. When not in a fight, Hiro speaks softly and without much expression. It takes a lot to excite him,though some people are more likely to excite him than others. 


    Mistake Kingdom Hearts Fandom mistaking Homestuck for a heartless.

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