Keeper of the Lost Cities ver

This is what she normally looks like. See on dA This is image is made by WuerdGirl. This image is her property. Ask before using.

Introduction Edit

The Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom is a series by Shannon Messenger and published by Aladdin. The series

currently has four books. The fifth coming out soon.

This oc was made by WuerdGirl (my username on tumblr & wikia feel free to message me).

Description Edit

The Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom is 6'5" female that has dirty blonde, semi-messy untamable straight hair. She wears a green cloak with gold lining along with simple gold clasp. Instead of wearing the normal elfin clothes she wears human clothes. Mainly to help her blend in with human world and because she grew up wearing them. She wears a plain black t-shirt with gray swan on it. (The swan to symbolize the Black swan.) Along with blue jeans. As for shoes she'll wear cream colored ballet flats or teal converse (not the high tops). Depending on her mood.

She tends to be unknown with most of the fandoms, which makes her a little annoyed. But she's learned to cope. Sort of like a "Canada". (Hetalia ref).

Personality Edit

The Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom is usually upbeat and happy. They tend to hide their feelings on the inside only let out what they're really feeling until they can't hold it in anymore. Like a breakdown. She loves magic, elephants, and finding out new ways to use her powers. (Powers listed in trivia.) She enjoys finding out all she can about anything and everything. So she sorta a brainiac. She'll do anything to accomplish something, but she doesn't want to get her friends involved so they don't get hurt so she tends to them by herself, thus very protective of her friends. She's also very mysterious too and with that good at keeping secrets. She can be shy also when meeting new people. They also doubt themselves sometimes and have problems trusting themselves. She also tends to sometimes act spontaneous. She also tends to get lost in thought sometimes. When this happens it calling her name a few times to snap her out of it.

Relationships Edit

Percy Jackson Edit

She considers PJO to be a good friend. (Moirail I guess)

Harry Potter Edit

They have a good friendly relationship, though they tend to sometimes disagree on magic. But they enjoy learning how to do each other's different types of magic.

Hetalia Edit

They're somewhat close. But Hetalia is someone she calls when she feels like she's going to breakdown. They also enjoy talking about magic.

Trivia Edit

  • The Keeper of the Lost Cities fandom likes to go by Keeper or KLC.
  • Keeper is the Witch of Heart.
  • Their chumHandle is mysteriousPowers [MP]
  • Strife Specibus: A silver bracelet that allows her to be super strong.
  • Her typing style is normally correct grammar, if she's typing one sentence she'll leave it without punctuation at the end unless it's a question (occasionally) or needing an ! at the end. Sometimes she'll occasionally misspell a few words, but then go back to fix them. Ex: *corrected typo.
  • Her magic is done mentally so she doesn't need a wand.

Powers Edit

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