khr-fandomstuck (previously reborn-fandomstuck) is one of three Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fandom blogs. The muse is considered the brother of the muses of both askkhrfandomand askrebornfandom


You are the KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN FANDOM and you are a MAFIOSO. Your interests lie in things like GUNS (though you don’t use them much), JEWELRY,  ANIMALS, and you might have a strange liking for BOY ON BOY. You try to be FRIENDLY and POLITE with everyone but you get NERVOUS about making a FAUX PAS and you can have a TEMPER at times.

Your strife specibus is ringkind and your chumhandle is inheritedArsonist. Y0u type 1n such a manner t0 sh0w y0ur l0ve f0r the number 10 and y0u have a var1ety 0f catchphrases. Y0u als0 cap1t1l1ze X’s.

Your series may be OVER but the fandom LIVES ON.


The Muse goes by the name of the titular character of his series, Reborn. In his first incarnation, he resembled his main character with spiky brown hair, only he had curly sideburns and a purple tattoo under his left eye to differentiate. He usually wore suits in this incarnation.

In his second incarnation, he looks drastically different. His hair - still brown and still sporting the curly sideburns - is now tied up in what is called the "pineapple" style (to resemble one of his series' characters) and the right side of his bangs is brushed back. He wears an orange and white hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, bandages around his hands, a cow-print wristband on his left wrist, a studded bracelet with two thin black bracelets on his right, green pants, and a Discipline Committee armband pinned to his left pants leg. He has three additional tattoos; a white X in burning black flames on his neck, a silhouette of a rearing horse surrounded by blue and green flames on his left arm, the the Vongola famiglia crest on his back.

In his Trickster mode, his hair is not tied up and is the color purple while he has green swirls on his cheeks with his face tattoo also green. He wears a blue shirt rolled up at the sleeves and red overalls that fall short at the thighs. His stockings are stripped indigo and green and his shoes are yellow. His food item is a bunch of orange (yes, orange) grapes.


Reborn is a mafioso and is (one of) the boss(es) of the Vongola mafia family. When not dressing casually, he usually wears fancy and expensive suits. When not on his planet, he lives in a lavish mansion house in his considered hometown of Namimori, Japan.

It is implied that he has already entered the medium and roams around his planet, the Land of Jewels and Weather. His kernelsprite is has yet to be revealed though.


Reborn is always kind and polite to everyone, disliking violence or confrontation. He sometimes gets nervous in social situations with other fandoms though, not wanting to commit any faux pas. That's because he's more used to socializing in a more formal manner. Formalality requires rules and rules he can follow. When it comes to going with the flow... he can reasonably manage but stumbles along the way.

Though he is very polite, Reborn can have a temper at times. He is also a very tolerant person and it's hard for him to hate or even dislike anyone. And though he dislikes violence, he enjoys a good spar every once in a while, but sometimes he goes a little too far. He can be ruthless when necessary.



His older brothers are Kyo and Malato and his older sister is Fia (from askkhrfandom) while Tsuna (from askrebornfandom ) is his younger brother.



After a complicated debacle involving alcohol-filled truffles, Reborn woke up one morning to a hangover and found himself naked in bed with Kurobasu (kurobasufandomstuck). It led to many an awkward moment as they both discovered that, yes, they did in fact have sex the previous night and in a love hotel no less.

When they made their way home that morning, they discovered that they were four towns away from where they started and their night out was a pretty wild one (with pictures and online videos to proove it). After arriving home, Reborn and Kurobasu avoided each other for two weeks, even though they had promised that they wouldn't let this incident get in the way of their friendship.

After two weeks, Kurobasu dredged up the courage to give Reborn a call and ask for a talk. Reborn went over to Kurobasu's house where they had an awkward meeting that quickly turned into heartbreak territory when Reborn confessed that he didn't think he could be bros with Kurobasu any more. The confession made Kurobasu cry.

When Reborn saw Kurobasu's tears, he immediately rectified his mistake, saying that he didn't want to be bros because his feelings ran deeper than that, eventually confessing that he actually loved Kurobasu. That brought the situation around and prompted Kurobasu to confess that he also loved Reborn.

And thus is the story of how Reborn and Kurobasu became matesprits.






N/A (Though it seems unlikely that Reborn would ever have one, considering how tolerant and forgiving he is)


Shield FandomEdit

One of the first friends Reborn made (and probably vice versa). Reborn admires Shield and had actually considered asking him to be moirails, but lost the chance when Shield becamse moirails with Deadpool fandom. Despite that, he supports their relationship, reasoning that Deadpool needs Shield more than he does.

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