Basic Information

Invader Zim is an animated series that premiered in the 2000s on Nickelodeon and is expected to be brought back for a TV movie some time in 2018.[1]

The series follows an alien named Zim whose goal is to conquer Earth with the help of his malfunctioning robot GIR. A young paranormal investigator named Dib is one of few people who knows about Zim's plans and is determined to stop him from succeeding.[2]


The Invader Zim fandom has messy medium length black hair with a large spike pointed down and two antennas coming out of the hair. She has pale skin, dark brown eyes, and wears glasses.

She likes to wear Dib's signature trench coat with a skull necklace and a purple shirt bearing the Irken symbol. She also wears a dark purple skirt and black boots.

She does have an irken pak but prefers to keep it off most of the time because it is a lot more comfortable to do things like sit  on a chair and sleep without it on. There are two holes in her back and clothes which is were the pak connects. She doesn't die in 10 minutes when she has her pak off but it does give her more energy and it makes her  a little more intelligent when she has it on. The  pak also  holds a bunch of the weapons and tools that  Zim has in his


She gets easily excited and will often yell to get her point across. Sometimes she just yells random words in her sentences like Zim does.

The fandom is very smart and a great engineer but is very bad at executing her plans properly. Even though her plans don't always work out, she still is optimistic about what she has created.

She has a very weird and dark sense of humor.



Jhonen Vasquez - Father

Like how Hussie has been in Homestuck's comics Jhonen has appeared as a character in the show. However unlike Hussie Jhonen is only a background character and doesn't directly interact with the main characters

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Fandom - Older Brother

Invader Zim does enjoy being around her older brother and doesn't find the fact that he is a dead murder to be odd in the slightest. She does however dislikes how much he enjoys teasing and scaring her with the things she finds to be scary

Jhonen Vasquez Fandom - Brother

This fandom is basically a fusion of Invader Zim and JTHM but doesn't need them to be fused in order to exist. IZ is not sure how she feels about him. Her father did exist prior to her and JTHM, but does not know when his fan base came to be.


Danny Phantom Fandom

Pokemon Fandom

Gravity Falls Fandom

They both have a love for pigs as well as the supernatural due to the nature of their shows. Invader Zim has even given them one of her rubber piggy toys as a gift. 

Steven Universe Fandom

IZ is very proud of how popular Steven Universe has become, because she can still remember when SU's creator was drawing fan art and writing fan fics about her show. She absolutely loves seeing all the new gems that get introduced to the show and just enjoys imagining how The Tallest would react to meeting the Diamonds. Peridot is her favorite gems, as she reminds her of Zim, and she loves Ronaldo due to him reminding her of Dib.

Rick and Morty Fandom

IZ loves learning about and seeing all the cool stuff Rick and Morty invents as well as learning about all the different aliens in his show. She also enjoys his adult humor and will sometimes try to help him with his inventions.

Homestuck Fandom

When IZ found out about Homestuck's comic, she immediately fell in love with the offbeat humor and video game references throughout the story.


  • IZ loves to play video games
  • She has a big sweet tooth 
  • She dislikes bologna
  • She is terrified of Halloween and will try to fortify the house for Halloween night to defend against the halloweenies 
  • Invader Zim fandom is very excited for her tv movie and loves that the art style is the same as the comics
  • She has attempted to make a SIR Unit before