Basic Information Edit


The Invader Zim fandom has messy medium length black hair with a spike pointed down and two antennas coming out of their hair. She has pale skin and dark brown eyes and wears glasses.

She likes to wear Dib's signature trench coat with a skull necklace and a purple shirt bearing the irken symbol. She also wears a dark purple skirt and black boots.


She is usually calm but will yell to get her point across and when she is excited about something. Sometimes she just yells random words in her sentences like Zim does.

The fandom is very smart and a great engineer but is very bad at executing her plans properly. Even though her plans don't always work out, she still is optimistic about what she has created.

She has a very weird and dark sense of humor

Invader Zim loves video games and has a gigantic sweet tooth. She hates the taste of meat and is terrified of Halloween.


Jhonen Vasquez - Father Edit

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Fandom - Older Brother Edit

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