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Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie about an adventure that begins with four quirky teenagers from Earth who play a game called Sburb and unwittingly cause an apocalypse that destroys their world, essentially trapping them within the game. They eventually learn that they have to team up with 12 alien trolls from the planet Alternia. The trolls had played the game before and ended up creating the kids' universe. They must work together in order to escape from their doomed game session, which is a danger to both the kids and trolls. Despite their cultural differences, the kids and trolls make efforts to understand each other; they have to spend a lot of time together in order to win the game again. Their ultimate goal is to reset the game they are trapped in and create a new universe with alternate versions of themselves which they can all live in, all while fighting off supposedly invincible evil forces and getting into outrageous shenanigans that can only be understood by those who read the story that is Homestuck.

Starting on April 13th, 2009 and officially ending on April 13th, 2016, Homestuck has gained millions of fans worldwide, a majority of whom are known for the cosplay, art, and writings featuring the webcomic's characters, as well as critical thinking skills when it comes to Homestuck's complex plot, and a brilliantly diverse sense of humor which all fans share. Some label the fandom as crazy. The Homestuck fandom agrees with them 413%.

Personality Edit

They love to be comedic in creative and ironic ways. Homestuck is a comedy, after all. Inspired by the webcomic they have invested months of their lives in, Homestuck has created countless parodies, comics, memes, and fansongs. They are capable of finding humor in even the most obscure references and every part of their story... even the darker ones.

Although they are a rather chaotic fandom, Homestuck also has a lot of artistic skills and uses their lack of discipline to their advantage. They have created millions of pieces of fanart, animations, fanfictions, music, and cosplay, with more being created every day, and they will likely continue to do so for many years to come.

Homestuck tends to be a little confused by new things, but once they are given enough information to piece together, they are capable of understanding very complicated ideas. They love when seemingly random things start coming together and making sense, and this sparks their passion for making theories. Be it about the creation of a universe, a character's existence, a location, or an object you completely forgot about on one page you don't even remember reading, there's probably a theory about it. Although the making of theories slowed down after Homestuck ended, they most certainly haven't stopped, as this fandom's still got plenty of questions as to what happens after the events of Act 7.

It is not a good idea to say Homestuck is boring after only reading the 1st act, insult characters, or give others grief simply for liking the webcomic. Homestuck isn't the most easygoing fandom, and one thing they can't stand at all is ridicule against their webcomic or fellow fans without good reason.

And don't even get started with the hiatuses or the infamous Gigapause. Boredom makes you do strange and horrible things.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Andrew Hussie - Father Edit

Homestuck sees Hussie as a role model, even though they constantly joke about him.

Problem Sleuth Fandom - Brother Edit

Intermission Fandom - Brother Edit

Undertale Fandom - Cousin Edit

A while ago, Homestuck's uncle, Toby Fox, had a child named Undertale. They both have several things in common. For example, they both like the song, "Megalovania."

Hiveswap Fandom - Sister Edit

Quadrants Edit

Adventure Time Fandom - Matesprit Edit

These fandoms have had a bit of an on and off relationship. Their love of strange adventure stays strong.

Hetalia Fandom - Moirail Edit

When they first met, Homestuck and Hetalia hated each other. But after learning about each other, they became moirails. Since then, Hetalia was always there by his side, like when Homestuck was waiting for an update for 40 days and started going crazy.

Supernatural Fandom - Kismesis Edit

At first, Supernatural thought Homestuck was a demon, and Homestuck is very offended by this. Combined with the fact that Supernatural has tried numerous times to trap and/or throw salt at them, it isn't hard to guess that these two don't get along well. Homestuck's attempts to explain that they are not a demon have proven rather ineffective, as Supernatural always has doubts. Homestuck may have come to enjoy their fights over the years, however.

Doctor Who Fandom - Auspistice (Homestuck/Supernatural) Edit

Doctor Who really tries to make sure no fandoms kill each other. In Homestuck and Supernatural's case this is especially important, since both fandoms are capable of dying multiple times, and neither of them are very good at knowing when to stop. Their fights tend to get out of control, so Doctor Who does his best to keep them from being fatal.

Gallery Edit

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