Basic Information

Hipster subculture is stereotypically composed of young adults who reside primarily in gentrified neighborhoods.


Hipster has fairly white skin with green eyes with glasses, the hair is purple and is glittery that pretty much distracts a lot of fandoms, she also comes with an headband. She wears a flannel shirt with a belt and a skirt that reaches to her knees. Her shoes are sneaker shoes that are colored purple and yellow.


Hipster is very outspoken, whenever is something random or political, she always has her opinions towards stuff. She doesn't give a shit on who's she dating to, as long as they respect her views and interests. Hipster is a social butterfly, meaning that she can enter relations very well on other fandoms, she likes Doctor Who as a friend, they hang out at social gatherings and restaurants, she also really loves Doctor Who's scarf. She likes anything organic, she will pay you if you have some. Hipster loves searching up random stuff to see anything interesting happens in Fandomstuck. Finally, she rather spend her time doing work than staying at home.