The description of the Hannibal Fandom is varied widely within Fandomstuck, but isn't viewed as much of a controversy. (Thank god.)

General DescriptionEdit

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Tumblr Roleplaying/Ask BlogsEdit

  • Psychical Appearance:
  • Personality:

[Account Discontinued; Still Listed for Archival Purposes]

  • The Hannibal Fandom, otherwise known as Fannibal or Fanni
  • Psychical Appearance: An average height man with dark, curly hair that is combed-over, although it frequently falls out of place to his disappointment. Wears glasses he doesn't need, and dark colored but tasteful clothing. Frequently covered in blood, and occasionally (when overly drunk or feeling especially silly) wears outfits referencing deer, such as, but not limited to: antler headbands (generally accompanied by flower crowns), deer head masks, and deer-themed kigurumi.
  • Personality: An eccentric (as they often are) fandom, who loves to over-analyze others and constantly does things not for logical reasons, but rather just the aesthetic of them. He loves toying with people's emotions, but often morality gets the better of him when he least expects it. He also Flips His Shit over Dogs and any of the actors from his show.
  • Relations: Moirailgence with the Master Fandom's personality known as Yana that frequently tended into romantic and more-often sexual situations.
  • Ancestor: Silence of the Lamb's Fandom; otherwise known as Silence, was revived by a magic anon shortly after Fanni arrived. She lived in his house, as her own was burned down, but is now missing and presumed dead.

  • Psychical Appearane:
  • Personality:

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