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Original GG Look

Mainly taking part in the Let's Play fandoms, GG is lesser known but still an existing fandom within the Tumblr community. His body represents the two Let's Players that made up Game Grumps: Egoraptor and Jontron. As a member of the Fandomstuck community, he's not very active outside of Let's Players.


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GG and SF share a laugh over some Sonic '06

Although the GG fandom has admitted to not being in any relationships, he has revealed a strong relationship with the Sonic Fandom and a possible black feeling for the Pewdiepie fandom. However, neither relations have been confirmed.

Game Grumps Fandom Icon

The New GG Fandom with the Steam Train Fandom

The Reset

On June 25th, 2013, Jontron left the Game Grumps and was replaced with Danny from NinjaSexParty. Upon this the Game Grumps fell into a deep depression as the fanbase took a mighty hit, almost putting them under the Million subscribers they worked so hard to build. Upon this change, the fandom took it upon themselves to "Reset" and start anew, with Danny as the new "Not So Grump." With this reset came an entirely new look with the only thing remaining from Jontron is his soul patch. A newer addition took place as well with the Steam Train fandom now awakening. GG takes him in as the two fandoms now co-exist side by side to take on the world ahead.

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