Welcome to the Fandomstuck Wiki! Edit

This is the (somewhat) official wiki for the universe of Fandomstuck, also known as Fandombound!

What is Fandomstuck, anyway? Edit

Fandomstuck is a universe that parodies Homestuck and takes a major influence from the Hetalia series, only instead of personifying countries, we personify fandoms! This means that each fandom is represented as a single character, defined by their appearances and personalities akin to the fandom they represent.

For example: the Homestuck fandom looks like one of the trolls from their webcomic. They love comedy and cosplay, and often lament over their characters as they play the deadly game, SBURB.

Fans of the Fandomstuck concept have created designs and personalities for their favorite fandoms, as well as stories involving interactions between them.

Major Fandom Pages (The Big 5) Edit

Homestuck Fandom

Hetalia Fandom

Supernatural Fandom

Doctor Who Fandom

Sherlock Fandom

What to do on the Wiki Edit

Here, you can learn all about your favorite Fandomstuck characters, from major roleplay blogs to the smallest of headcanons, and everything in between!

New Pages Edit

New pages for fandoms are always welcome. If you have an idea for a Fandomstuck character, make sure to check whether or not the page already exists, in order to avoid making multiple pages for the same fandom. If it does exist, feel free to edit the page and add on to what's already there!

Basic Editing Guidelines Edit

Editing pages for new information is encouraged, especially when it comes to interpretations or headcanons. As long as they're relevant, they make great contributions to the articles! You may also make minor edits to pages for things such as grammar, spelling, and inaccurate information.

We only ask that you do not delete large amounts of information - someone took a lot of time to write it!

Please keep in mind that there are often multiple takes on the same fandom, especially the more popular ones, so be respectful with your headcanons.

Enjoy! Edit

Hope you enjoy and let's help get Fandomstuck famous!
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Now this is our time - our generation-2

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