Im sitting in my dark room with the TV on a empty channel. The static noise is filling my brain and the room. My limp skinny body raised, I feel the cold hard floor on my feet, and I grab the remote and turn off the TV.  I turn over the remote to see no batteries, I still hear the static noise coming from the TV. The screen turned back on, and the static filled the screen again. I figured it was just a glitch, and just unplugged the TV since the remote was out of battery. The static noise never stopped. The TV turned back on. I try and to ignore it and just get something to eat. No food again, The static noise is getting loud but with a low growling I turn around and I see a deformed black gooey figure coming out of my TV it let out a terrible screech I turned it's head in a 180 turn and looks at my and opened it mouth to it's chest and screeched and ran at me I closed my eyes and opened them again to see static I touch my face it feels glassy I blink and I see my room. I was the TV

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