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Basic Information

Hollywood Undead is an American rock band from Los Angeles that formed in 2005.


Hollywood Undead 2014

HU's appearance in 2014.

The Hollywood Undead Fandom's appearance has evolved over the years. In a previous appearance from around 2014, he had white skin and straight black hair that covered his ears. He wore a white mask with dark eyes. The mask had a brown butterfly design around the right eye and red blood falling from the left. Over the mask, he wore a black bandanna. The rest of his attire consisted of a black hoodie with a white Hollywood Undead logo and grey pants.

Hollywood Undead 2015 2

HU's appearance in 2015.

In later appearances from 2015, he had more wavy hair styled to reveal his ears that have black gauges. His face was visible, as he no longer had a mask or bandanna, showing that he had blue eyes and the number 3 presumably tattooed on his right cheek. Occasionally, he was depicted with facial hair. He wore a white tank top and sometimes had a dark grey hoodie with the letters HU printed in red across the front. The color of his pants were changed to black.

The current appearance of Hollywood Undead as of 2016 is a young man with fair skin and wavy brown hair. His attire is identical to that of his 2015 appearance except he officially has some facial hair and wears a colorful dress shirt under his hoodie instead of a tank top.

Hollywood Undead Fandom

HU's current appearance.

Some things that remained consistent in his appearance over the years is the the fact that he likes to wear sunglasses and is a little self conscious of his height which is 5'9".[1]


The fandom has a undying love for their band; they bring him a lot of joy. He loves all the members of Hollywood Undead and can't think of any album he doesn't like. However, he is prone to a more aggressive or mopey attitude,[2] especially if he feels the band is being treated unfairly.[3] Even so, he is against the use of violence to solve his problems[4] and prefers to use his wit to get out of tough situations.

He openly drinks[5] and smokes weed,[6] and because of this, he becomes very irrational at times. However, he does not take responsibility for any mishaps while drunk or high and tends to make jokes out of it.[7]

Hollywood Undead is very sarcastic and somewhat vain, even when he's not under the influence. Despite his "chill dude" persona, he will not hesitate to call bs on someone. The mun who created the fandomstuck character once agreed to him being "the embodiment of 'go fuck yourself'".[8]


Hollywood Undead has a "chill" relationship with a lot of other bandoms, such as Green Day and My Chemical Romance.


Attack on Titan Fandom

Hollywood Undead is a little confused by the absurdity of AoT's world of cannibal giants,[9] but the two are surprisingly good friends.[10] They might just keep each other sane.

WWE Fandom

Ever since WWE featured Hollywood Undead's music and the band appeared in "The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania - The World Television Premire," the two became buddies.[11]


Homestuck Fandom

Despite their popularity, Hollywood Undead does not think very highly of Homestuck, comparing him to a trash can he once talked to.[12]

Hetalia Fandom

He thinks Hetalia is "really, really gay" and not much else.[13] However, upon learning that Hetalia has a subfandom sister, Nyotalia, he shows interest in her and wonders if she's hot.[14]

DHMIS Fandom

Hollywood Undead is one of many fandoms who find DHMIS too creepy to tolerate. Hard to blame him though, since DHMIS intentionally tried to get a reaction out of him and succeeded.[15]

My Chemical Romance Fandom