{{{Logo}}} EverymanHYBRID {{{Logo}}}
God Tier {{{GodTier}}}
Land {{{Land}}}
Quirk The EMH fandom types in a LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS WAY >:)
Chumhandle {{{Chumhandle}}}
Strife Specibus Knifekind
Fetch Modus {{{Modus}}}
Relations Friends/Enemies with the TribeTwelve fandom
Roleplay Can be found on the TribeTwelve Fandom 's Tumblr

Elfystuck's IntroductionEdit

Your name is EVERYMANHYBRID FANDOM or EMH FANDOM. You have a lot of hobbies, including EXERCISING, and KILLING PEOPLE. Of course you don’t really kill often, as it would clutter up your “BUSY SCHEDULE.” You also have a bunch of BAD HABITS, like SCARING OTHER FANDOMS, but hey, old HABITS die hard, right?

You love hanging out with your buddies MARBLE HORNETS FANDOM, and TRIBE TWELVE FANDOM. They’re your BESTEST FRIENDS EVER and they ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK in time of need. You also love RABBITS, and you sometimes call other fandoms RABBITS. Sometimes they find it offensive, but it’s considered a compliment in your vocabulary.


tribetwelvefandomstuck's IntroductionEdit




I don't have much info on him as of right now

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