The EDM fandom (Electronic dance music.) or Emmy is one of the less know fandoms. Although the music is

sorta popular, She is not. The EDM fandom is from tumblr


Emmy's quadrants are empty, Most likely because she is just starting out.


Emmy has a half shaves head, similar to Skrillex. Her hair is brown, But on the end of one side it's rainbowish, and her bangs are rainbow. She has tattoos., One on her neck of the Knife party logo, A tattoo on her left wrist of the Zedds Dead logo.  She has another Tattoo on her back, Of Skrillex's logo, As well as Skorge's logo.  Her shirt says 3DM or EDM. and has colors going down her sleeves. She wears grey jeans, Although she hates them, Because of the limited pocket space,

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