Basic Information

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is a British animated surreal horror comedy web series created by filmmakers Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling.[1]


The DHMIS Fandom has pastel rainbow hair. Their hairstyle changes often because they use it for creative self expression and red eyes with red and green digital coding coming out of their eyes. They have and butterfly wings that no one is allowed to touch and they wear a lamp shade on their head. They also have a computer plug tail.

The wear a fashionable black suit with a nice tie, and large shoes. 


The DHMIS Fandom "teaches" other fandoms about many subjects they find to be useful, like creativity. However, the lessons always end up being dark and gory, causing most of them to run away in terror.

It is often hard to tell what makes them mad and what they're ok with.

Others have mixed opinions about DHMIS, and most consider this fandom to be rather odd to say the least. They can also be rather controlling and don't like it when things don't go their way, or a way that they don't think is right.




Baldi's Basics Fandom - Kismesis

Popee the Performer Fandom - Moirail 


Supernatural Fandom

He thinks they're a demon, and he's probably right. DHMIS doesn't like that he always refuses their lessons.

Hollywood Undead Fandom


  • Hates green, and I mean H A T E S green.
  • Sometimes oozes black from mouth & eyes, eyes turn full black for this.
  • Gets freaked out when a parent thinks their show is a kids show and shows it to their child without watching it themself first- it's always a disaster.
  • Likes arts & crafts, especially with human organs.
  • Loves singing, especially when they're teaching an important lesson while they do it!~
  • Carries around a notebook to take creative notes in! It is not the Notebook character from the show, however.
  • Favorite date is June 19th.
  • their limbs are made of ink
  • their blood color is black due to them being made mostly of ink