Basic Information

Digimon is a Japanese animated series about a group of kids who are transported to a place known as the Digital World (aka the DigiWorld). The Digital World is inhabited by creatures called Digimon, some of whom befriend the each of the kids, though many turn out to be villains and cause problems for them throughout their adventures. In order to fight their way through danger, the kids help their new partners summon the power to digivolve into more powerful forms. As they try to find a way back home from the DigiWorld, the kids soon learn they are actually the DigiDestined, meaning they were destined to arrive there and save the world from evil Digimon who threatens to ruin both the Digital World and Earth.


The Digimon Fandom has brown, spiky hair, green eyes, and freckles. They wear a t-shirt underneath a blue vest with a fluffy, white hood and red flames at the bottom, and beige cargo shorts. Their shoes are blue, black, and yellow, and their socks are high enough to avoid any weird stuff on the ground poking their legs.

A pair of goggles rests atop their head, as well as some brown gloves on their hands, though they are mostly used for looks rather than eye protection and warmth in the cold respectively.

Digimon also carries around their digivice, a mysterious contraption that is used to give their Digimon more power than they digivolve.


Digimon is a generally easy-going fandom but can occasionally be stubborn and feel a bit left out of the fun seeing how much attention Pokemon gets (the two series really are different!).

Digimon loves adventure, character dynamics, and experience the ultimate power that can be brought forth from digital monsters through a strong bond and sense of self awareness.



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Pokemon Fandom

Digimon once had an ongoing feud with Pokemon due to some similarities in their universes that Pokemon was upset about. Digimon eventually convinced Pokemon he was not trying to copy them when Pokemon actually started to look at the differences in their shows. Since then, they are technically on neutral terms, but Digimon still refers to Pokemon as his rival because of their past relationship.