Deviantart fandom

Fandomstuck version of the popular art sharing site Deviantart!

((Also, picture drawn by Koratine on Deviantart-- [aka the person who made this page] Fix up the page if you'd like. I don't know what to add.))

Description Edit

The Deviantart fandom is a short sixteen year old female, and stands at five feet tall. She wears a dark green beanie at all times. She has light green eyes. Her hair is shoulder length and is of a brown with bangs that are dyed green. She wears a gray turtle-neck with the Deviantart symbol on it. She usually wears khaki shorts and plain black sneakers.

Personality Edit

The Deviantart fandom is normally nice, but the slightest thing can set her off. She can't deal with other people's opinions if they are negative, and will go so far as to stop talking to a certain person if she feels like they cannot be helped. She has a wide arrange of interests, including all forms of visual art, such as traditional, digital, and 3D or sculpting. She likes writing angsty stories and fanfiction, which she insists are art, too. Lastly she enjoys talking to others who do not offend her dtawings.

Relationships Edit

Tumblr Fandom - Moirail

Undertale Fandom - Close Friend

Five Nights at Freddy's - Close Friend

Friends: The big 5, video game fandoms, book fandoms, movie fandoms, basically anyone who has characters to draw.

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