Bing Bong; Ding Dong The Queen of Despair has Arrived!

Basic Information

The DanganRonpa Fandom is a fandom based around 3 video games (soon to be 4), an anime based around the first game (a new anime on the way to conclude the series), and a vast amount of light/visual novels.

The fandom is about the battle between hope and despair.


DanganRonpa has half black hair, hair white hair along with 2 different colored eyes one red and one black. She also wears a half black, half white hoodie with bear ears and wears a half red, half black tie.


The DanganRonpa Fandom is considered to be a bipolar women in her late teens, with a reckless way of thinking.

Dangan tends to seem harsh and even a bit sadistic. She doesn't speak much, and if she does, it's with a sassy tone.


The fandom seems a bit distant when it comes to human interaction.