The creepypasta fandom and five finger death punch fandom share a blog as almost moirails, easily able to calm each other if one gets enraged. The Creepypasta fandom is one who enjoys silence and calm while her counterpart five finger death punch acts like a large angry child, constantly getting in trouble.

an image of five finger death punch in a fighting like stance.

Creepypasta is shown to have white skin, black hair, six tentacles, and a questionabke gender. FFDP is a Tshirt wearing, ripped jeans, fingerless gloves, and combat boot wearing band nerd, who is not afraid to get dirty.

Fandomstuck RelationsEdit

Creepypasta is a With of Blood while FFDP is a Rogue of Doom. Neither have ascended quite yet, but FFDP recently has died, and is waiting for creepy to come and drop her on her quest bed soshe may ascend. Creepy lives in the land of BLOOD and FORESTS, while FFDP is in the land of VIOLENCE and ROCK MUSIC.

A recently dead FFDP


Creepy and FFDP are acclaimed moirails, no family has been shown, and a leaked image of creepy stalking the popular blog known as wholock, trying to find a way to admit her flush crush for the fandom.

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