Basic InfoEdit

From fandomstuck wiki creepypasta is a regular in the msparp chat.

Appearance Edit

Creepypasta has long, black hair, pure white skin, bright red lips and four dark tendril protruding from their back. What should be the whites of their eyes are black and their irises are red.

They wear a black suit with a red tie. This often becomes bloodstained due to the fandom's various activities...

Creepypasta always carries around some instrument of torture with them, usually sharp and always potentially painful.

Personality Edit

Creepypasta is the embodiment of all their stories, and this gives them the tendencies of their monsters, especially a constant urge to threaten others and commit murders. However, they don't often use other abilities except Slenderman's, where they will appear in places unexpectedly to disturb other fandoms.

Relationships Edit

Creepypasta has made attempts to and has successfully killed a number of the other fandoms at least once. This has resulted in them being particularly untrustworthy. Most of the other fandoms either dislike or tolerate them. However, some fandoms do like Creepypasta, such as Intermission, Five Nights at Freddy's, Toontown, and Undertale.

Friends Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom Edit

Legend of Zelda Fandom Edit

Quadrants Edit

Fnaf Fandom - Moirails Edit

OFF Fandom - Kismesis Edit

Brony Fandom - Kismesis Edit

Creepypasta is considering breaking ties with this fandom in favor of having OFF as their only kismesis.

Trivia Edit

  • Creepypasta used to be known as Copypatsa before the accident that caused them to change.
  • Creepypasta's gender is ambiguous to confuse other fandoms and keep them away from their actual identity.
  • Creepypasta is left handed.

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